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Microsoft Word continues to be probably the most ubiquitous word processing software available.

Whenever we put it to the make sure compared it with other writing enhancing software, we weren’t really surprised to locate so it held its very own. You can find only a few programs that had more of the features we looked for. Microsoft Word underlines errors in various colors to point the root associated with problem. You can also set it up to autocorrect while you work and also customize the list to fix mistakes that are certain. This software isn’t quite hands off; it is not quite smart adequate to detect a few more complex syntax and grammar errors. When composing with Microsoft Word, you need to remember to read through its changes and suggestions before publishing or submitting them. There are connectivity options that let you share documents through Microsoft Office’s online hub. Microsoft is such a common program, and it is powerful enough to help you, even if you compose documents each and every day.

Best for Teachers

Editor 3.8’s reporting options allow it to be a good option for teachers that are enthusiastic about their students’ composition progress.

Whenever you load a document, you obtain comprehensive, printable feedback regarding the project. The reports could be tricky to see the very first time around, and some associated with the info is repeated many times in the report. We liked the usage section though it’s occasionally inaccurate – a not-uncommon problem with writing enhancement programs because it provides insightful feedback. The interface is very dated and that can be tricky to navigate. Also, the program’s standard features, like spell check, are counterintuitive compared to those in other software we tested. To fit its reporting features, it takes a cleaner interface with an increase of intuitive controls. However, if you want an instrument to help keep monitoring of students’ writing abilities, Editor 3.8 may be the choice that is right.

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