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The good Wife Is the Most Tech-Savvy Show on TV from Anonymous to Bitcoin

«Do you realize whom Aaron Swartz is?» asks lawyer that is digital-rights Stack. He answers their own concern: » The computer activist whom committed suicide after an unrelenting campaign from federal prosecutors to imprison him. In the memory, i am trying to organize an action that is class prosecutorial overcharging.»

Now, bear in mind, it was on a tv show—and maybe perhaps not some PBS that is sober-minded documentary Swartz. It had beenn’t also cable news or even a geek-centered sitcom like the top Bang Theory. This is, in reality, a sleek procedural that is legal on system tv: the nice Wife, a CBS show about legal counsel, Alicia Florrick (played by Julianna Margulies), starting its 5th season this Sunday.

Though putatively in regards to the legislation (and Florrick’s transactions with her Eliot Spitzer-like spouse), the nice Wife is now revered among geeks, as well as for valid reason: it includes the deftest portrayal of technology on television. Читать далее