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Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 24

This week we speak to Navy partner Sera about dealing with her husband being published up to a ship, going MWDU and deploying all while she juggled in operation, teenage kids and supporting her in rules during her Father in laws and regulations illness that is terminal. We speak about just exactly just how Sera kept her spouse across their Dad’s condition during times of no contact and exactly just what occurred when her Husband needed to be taken from the ship to help make the harrowing journey home to express goodbye.

Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 23

This week we speak to Army spouse Arusha in regards to the juggle that is MWDU, young ones, working and exactly how dealing with a part hustle (when she had been extended) finished up being the most effective choice she might make for by herself, her health and everyone else around her.

Military Wife Life- The Podcast Episode 22

This week we communicate with US Air Force partner and Life Coach Becca Brown about her experience as a partner and exactly how that led her to wanting one thing more. Fast ahead to now and Becca is assisting other partners handle life better, finding function, drive, and passion inside our everyday lives and dealing with deployments and separation with certainty . Continue reading