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This new safe intercourse: How one HIV medication is evolving everyday lives

The medication Truvada, typically the most popular medication that is prEP.

Joanne Stekler nevertheless recalls the time a colleague hurried into her office in the Duke University class of Medicine, exclaiming, “Oh, my gosh! Maybe you have seen this information about HIV cocktails?”

It absolutely was the mid ‘90s, and their group had been HIV that is investigating transmission therapy “talking about intercourse, medications and stone ’n’ roll each day,” she recalls.

Briefly thereafter, a new course of antiretroviral medications started to sharply reduce HIV-related fatalities. Referred to as extremely active antiretroviral treatment, or HAART, the medication protocol ended up being a significant breakthrough and maybe the biggest switching point within the epidemic since the identification regarding the virus. In a matter of a several years, HIV went from being truly a death phrase to a condition that is manageable.

Today, Stekler can be a connect teacher in the Department of Medicine in the University of Washington along with her attention is currently centered on another promising brand brand new medication regime: Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis, also called PrEP. Читать далее