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Determining the intercourse of this foetus by utilizing a certain health system

Determining the intercourse associated with foetus is performed because of the decree of Allaah, may He be exalted and glorified. The angel is commanded to create it as Allaah willed in their decree from eternity. Allaah states (interpretation regarding the meaning):

“To Allaah belongs the kingdom regarding the heavens while the planet. He produces just what He wills. He bestows female (offspring) upon who He wills, and bestows male (offspring) upon who He wills”

The one who wishes Allaah to bless him with righteous offspring must first avail himself regarding the means, through getting hitched and intercourse that is having permissible methods. Nothing is incorrect with all the one that wishes their offspring to be man or woman availing himself regarding the means which were proven in the shape of experience or tradition or science that is modern.

There was a declaration granted because of the Islamic Fiqh Council of the Muslim World League which verifies this notion. Inside it, it states:

Its permissible to choose the intercourse of this foetus by normal techniques, such as for instance health programs, chemical washing and selecting the right time of sexual intercourse to coincide with all the period of ovulation, since these are permissible ensures http://www.ukrainian-wife.net/russian-brides/ that don’t include any such thing haraam.

To learn the declaration in full in Arabic, please click with this website website website link:

Usually the one who would like to find valid normal methods for selecting the intercourse of this foetus may make reference to physicians and professionals in this field. Our company is pleased to assist visitors by quoting through the research of Dr. ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Yahya, for which he states: Nutrition has an impact on seeking the intercourse for the foetus in 2 means:

1.It alters the pH balance in the cervix associated with the womb and also the vagina. Читать далее