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Interest on pay day loans happens to be capped at 0.8per cent a day or Ј24 for each and every Ј100 you borrow over 30 days

the interest that payday loan providers may charge happens to be limited by 0.8per cent a time. That actually works away at Ј24 in interest for each Ј100 you borrow over thirty days. Importantly, in the event that you borrow from the payday lender, you may never owe significantly more than twice the quantity you borrowed – even although you get behind together with your loan. Learn more about everything you could spend.

Payday loan providers cap that is interest levels

Payday lenders have now been obligated to restrict the quantity of interest they could charge from January 2nd 2015. As well as also needs to place a limitation in the amount that is overall they could charge an individual who gets behind using their repayments. Читать далее