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HIV Danger in Guys Who Have Sex With Men

Dudes which have sexual intercourse with men (MSM) is the meaning of employed to categorize men who indulge in sexual intercourse and also other guys, it does not make a difference the way they identify by themselves. The phrase ended up being made inside the 1990s by epidemiologists being a surveillance unit to higher determine the path of HIV transmission and spread related to infection through male-male task that is intimate.

In front of this, experts have been on a the analyses—whereby that is identity-based who understood to be “gay” or “bisexual” simply weren’t constantly intimately active, while the ones that thought as “straight” might be intimately active as well as other men.

MSM instead focuses on behavior in place of social or self-identification that is social supplying a better image of HIV infection rates. That, in turns, provides us a dramatically better understanding of the implications of HIV avoidance, including which avoidance tools to utilize by which populations. Читать далее