Архив рубрики: South-Korean Women

International wives offer understanding of temple everyday lives

Japan’s temples are a key area of the country’s conventional tradition. In most of us, visits usually are limited by certain activities such as New Year’s Eve, or maybe as an element of a sightseeing agenda if the temple is really a famous one. The everyday lives of some Japanese, but, still revolve around their regional temples — and none a lot more than those families that look after them.

While Japanese Buddhist priests usually inherit the positioning from their dads and grandfathers, what the results are to your ladies who marry into these families? Several ladies share their insights into a life style that is small understood by many Japanese, aside from international nationals.

Us Gretchen Miura lives at Dairyuji, a temple in the picturesque Oga Peninsula in Akita Prefecture, where her spouse, Keno, may be the mind priest. Читать далее