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Paramilitary units or a PR move: 10 details about “The nationwide Militia devices”

On January 28 a march that is spectacular devote Kyiv: teenagers using camouflage uniforms and balaclavas strolled through the main roads. Once the march ended about 600 people in the NGO “The Natsionalni Druzhyny” (National Militia devices) launched because of the veterans for the Azov regiment had been sworn in. Numerous discovered this scene just like marches of paramilitary units. It arrived being a fantasy photo when it comes to propaganda that is russian for all western news that start thinking about you will find dangers regarding the nationalistic retaliation in Ukraine. In addition raised wide range of concerns.

Exactly exactly exactly How may be the Natsionalni Druzhyny for this Azov battalion?

The Natsionalni Druzhyny is a project associated with alleged circle that is azov-related towards the Azov regiment for the National Guard. serbian bride agencies Azov regiment had been founded in line with the volunteer battalion Azov that were part that is taking the combat actions in eastern Ukraine since 2014. In 2017, the regiment’s veterans established the party that is political Corps” (Natsionalnyi Korpus) chaired by MP Andriy Biletskyi. Previously they founded a few non-government companies including “Civic Corps” (Tsyvilnyi Korpus) and “Defense and Reconstruction associated with Country” (Zakhyst i rekonstruktsia krayiny, abbreviated ZiRKa). Official founders of this NGO “The Natsionalni Druzhyny” registered in Kyiv are three veterans for the Azov regiment: Ihor Kashka, Artem Klimkin, and Maksym Klymka. Another Azov veteran Ihor Bober is listed since the organization’s head, the regiment’s veteran commander Ihor Mykhailenko could be the commander.

Far-right? Nationalists? Fascists?

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