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Middle aged wife. Having just talked for a whim, she failed to certainly take it to heart.

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“By the way in which, that girl and her mom are undoubtedly great at sucking as much as our young master’s family. Evidently, she found myself in a vehicle accident the period whenever master that is young kidnapped…” suddenly said Sister Yun away from nowhere.

Having just talked for a whim, she would not certainly go on it to heart.

She merely believed that the Pei family members was looking for a typical ground with the Ji family members by mentioning that.

Nevertheless, one thing she stated in spite and on a whim had been really taken fully to heart by Qiao Jingyun.

“What?! Pei Ge found myself in an auto accident into the past? It’s also that point when Ziming ended up being kidnapped? ”

Her words switched from relax to hurried right away. Читать далее

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