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Exactly about Thread: Wife can not login to site

Wife can not login to site

My partner can not login for this web site along with her game individual title and password it offers an verification error exactly what does she should do? Many Thanks dudes!

Can she log to the game? Peoples are getting haxed this weekend.

Yeah she will nevertheless play simply not log on the forums =\

Phone Account Help. It is quicker and safer to phone them.

Individuals have been hacked and there was clearly problem because of the verification host. It there is other things incorrect they are able to let you know too.

For Account Management Phone Support be sure to call 855-WBGAMES or 781-407-4020. English help is available Sunday — Saturday from 10:00 am to 7:00 PM Eastern

Account Management mobile help is supposed to be closed at the dates that are following times. Unless otherwise noted, the phones will re-open the day that is next 10:00 am Eastern with your standard help hours. Читать далее