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Buddy jumps to the intercourse away from nowhere — Post Traumatic Stress condition

Post Traumatic Stress Condition

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a problem that may develop after a person has experienced, witnessed or been repeatedly exposed up to a significant upheaval.

What type of upheaval contributes to PTSD?

  1. Actual or death that is threatenede.g. Witnessing a murder, an earthquake, a car that is serious, war)
  2. Severe damage ( ag e.g. Substantial hospitalizations, serious burns off)
  3. Intimate Violence ( ag e.g. Intimate assault, rape)

2. Publicity could be:

  1. Straight that great occasion
  2. Witnessing the big event in individual since it occurs to other people ( e.g. Читать далее