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Simple: Period 3 (Trailer)

Effortless: Period 2 (Trailer)

Effortless: Period 2 (Recap)

Simple: Season 1 (Recap)


Eight stories capture the awkwardness, stress and passion of relationships, from strangers on very very first times to couples that are married kids.

1. The F**king Study

A career-driven mother along with her stay-at-home husband try to spice up their sex-life after a spirited debate at a celebration contributes to an embarrassing understanding.

2. Vegan Cinderella

A sheltered student abandons her bacon-eating, carbon-emitting ways after a passionate night with a vegan activist.

3. Brewery Brothers

Stuck in a boring office task, an expectant dad begins an underground brewery along with his stoner bro and keeps it a secret from their spouse.

4. Controlada

Tension brews between a few who’re attempting to conceive if the wife’s hard-partying buddy comes to city and camps out on the couch. Читать далее