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Exactly What achieve this numerous mass shooters have as a common factor? A hatred of females

Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife MacKenzie demonstrates coping with dignity may be the revenge that is best

The suspect in Thursday’s Gazette shootings began stalking an old school that is high straight right straight back during 2009. The time that is last will have seen her ended alua up being ten years prior to.

This might be but one of the present mass killings inspired, in big component, by an overwhelming rage against females.

The Gazette shooter discovered the lady on Facebook and sent a message that is seemingly innocent thanking her to be “the only person ever to say hello or be good in my experience at school.”

Note the self-pity disguised as appreciation.

The girl didn’t remember him, even yet he stalked her relentlessly. She went along to law enforcement. She told them: this person is the mass that is next shooter. Читать далее